February 25, 2013

Some Assembly Required; Cupcake Toppers

You've ordered your party labels from Forever Your Prints and had them printed, now what?! 

Today's post will be the first in the series: Some Assembly Required. First up, cupcake toppers!

1.  Choose your punch. I have the ek tools brand 2.25" circle and 2" scallop.
2.  Shown here are the two outcomes of these punches. Top is the scallop punch, bottom is the circle punch.
3.  Place paper so you can see your label through the back side of the punch. Center your design and press down firmly to cut.
4.  Attach a 4-6" lollipop stick to the back of your topper using tape or a glue dot
5.  Be sure your stick is centered and your topper is right side up!

6.  Push the lollipop stick into your frosted cupcake! 

Be sure to come back next Monday for part two of the Some Assembly Required series; Superhero Lollipop Men!

Stay tuned for more images from this adorable Milk & Cookies themed party!

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